Pre-visit of the job site #Usecase


We all experienced it: in the myriad of things to prepare for a job site, the preliminary field visit(s). Alone or with our colleague from the design office, here we go by car 🚙 to take notes, photos of the field, meet the local residents, in short understand the environment.

🤯 But I have to stop to write, I take heavy videos; when I get home the anxiety of transferring to the computer starts, I have to integrate these photos into a (long) technical brief, I don't know anymore exactly on a large linear where the points were, and I feel that my site supervisor is going to - like me - waste time finding the job site in the pampas. Arg!

Sharing of location points prior to the work phase


On this phase, Kraaft is a great collaborative notebook!

🗺️ Photos are geotagged, and I place location pins📍 for my particular points (junctions, cabinets, etc).

✔️ I recontextualize my photos at the office

✔️ My supervisor later on will be able to navigate directly to the photo via his GPS!

✔️ My surveyor will know the precise location of certain key points

🖥 Drag and drop photos & videos directly to my Desktop

✔️ Precious time saved, no more tedious phone x computer synchronization!

🎤 We take automatically transcribed voice notes as we go along

✔️ As I don't have to write, I don't lose the rhythm of my visit 

📹 A video of my linear serves to make a statement.

✔️ I can easily get back into the visit

✔️ I accumulate factual visuals of the situation if the bailiff doesn't show up (it happens!).

📄 The visit report is extracted in 1 click

✔️ I very easily integrate the photos in the right format in my Word technical brief

✔️ I keep my data streams organized.

🏷 My ticket is isolated in a "Study" category so as not to mix it with those in the work phase

Lilian, Supervisor in water systems - "Kraaft is really great for job site visits, before I used to plug my laptop into my computer to extract photos and prepare my job site. Now I can do everything as I go, location points, and then share the info with my boss when the work phase starts."

Resources related to the pre-visit of job site

Reconcile the field and the office. 😌
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