Traceability of excavated material

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In France, Law No. 2020-105 of February 10, 2020 on the fight against waste and the circular economy (known as the "anti-waste" law) devotes a significant part to strengthening the traceability of waste, excavated soil and sediment. ⚠ The compliance initially planned for January 2022 has been shifted to July 1, 2022 for hazardous waste managers, and to January 1, 2023 for all other managers of non-hazardous waste, soil and sediment. Failure to comply will result in a €750 fine for each non-declaration and a criminal penalty of up to 2 years imprisonment and a €75,000 fine.

- If you are a manager of hazardous waste or POPs (containing persistent organic pollutants), you must fill out digital hazardous waste tracking slips (BSD) via the Trackdéchets application since July 1, 2022 ;

- If you are a manager of non-hazardous waste or excavated soil and sediment (whether or not the excavated soil has waste status), you will be required to declare digital chronological registers via the RNDTS platform as of January 1, 2023 ;-

-> To help the second category of managers, we have worked on a dedicated feature: field teams can fill out a very simple Kraaft form, directly connected to the Ministry platform. Enough to bring your worksites into compliance effortlessly! 🙂

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