Top 5 shelves from job site in 2022

All contractors, site managers and craftsmen have, at one time or another, asked themselves the question of purchasing a tablet from job site. But the fear of buying a model unsuited to the activity, or even for some of you, a lack of knowledge of the digital domain may have been a brake. A tablet? But for what? Is it really useful? Which one would suit me best? So many questions that we will answer. First, we will discuss in detail the different advantages of a tablet from job site. Then, we are going to present you the 5 best models of tablets for the craftsmen and professionals of the building. This from the last one to the first one.

Why use a tablet from job site ?

Because nowadays, ignoring digital tools is a costly mistake. It means falling behind the competition and not taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies. Simply because a tablet from job site will facilitate your professional life by bringing you reliability, storage, traceability and time saving. A tablet will have several advantages for you. This is what we will present to you below.

Digitize documents of job site

Having access to all your documents, anywhere in the world and being able to share them in real time with your collaborators or your customers can only be done thanks to digital solutions. Invoices, estimates, DICT, logs of job site, planning, so much information that can be found in a single place. Add to that permanent availability and easy access and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. We also obtain a much better traceability of the various stages of the progress of the job site.

Simplify data entry

With a rugged tablet, you will be able to enter data in real time. You'll save time because you won't have to go back to your notes to write down new measurements, locations of sockets or windows or a meeting report. No more paper measurements to go back to after the day's work is done outside. Not to mention the risk of misplacing a sheet of paper with essential information or having trouble rereading. Don't smile, it's happened to the best! Here, it is an obvious time saver not to have to do a double entry.

Secure and track the job site

Safety should always be a priority on a job site construction or renovation project. By making the working conditions less difficult, by allowing to gather all the information, the work is simplified. The psycho-social risks, the RPS are reduced. Similarly, we have a better vision of safety-related elements, such as the management of PPE stock, personal protective equipment, or the follow-up of points discussed in meetings at job site. As for the follow-up of job site, doing it with a tablet will seem obvious once you have tested it. The allocation of material and human resources will be simpler because you will have all the information and will be able to make changes easily. You will be able to consult immediately all the documents that are important to you: the schedule of interventions, the report of the last visit of job site, the agenda of the next one or the convocation. The rigor and the efficient organization that are necessary to follow the progress of the works will be supported by the fact of having all your data accessible quickly and easily.

In short, you will have understood that tracking job site with a digital tool such as a professional tablet makes it more efficient.

For the models we present to you, we have not mentioned all the characteristics but the essential ones and those that allow the models to stand out. Indeed, we were afraid to drown you in technical specifications.

5) The Getac F110

Getac offers a complete range of tablets for professionals. The F110 model is IP65 certified, which guarantees a good seal against dust and water. This tablet is drop resistant up to 1.80 m. It continues to function in an environment that extends from - 21°C to + 60°C. Its 11.6-inch touchscreen makes it a pleasure to use. The weight of the Getac F110 is not among the lightest as it is 1.39 kg, but this is still correct for a ruggedized product intended for professionals. Its main asset is its 2 batteries that are hot-swappable for instantaneous work. Regarding its technical specifications, this ruggedized touchscreen tablet has a 4GB DDR3 memory and its internal storage capacity is 128GB, enough to save sketches, plans, schedules and other reports without worrying. For those who need to take a lot of notes, a virtual keyboard will help them. The last good surprise is that this equipment is guaranteed for 3 years for parts and labor, which reassures and secures your investment.

F110 - Getac

4) The Fieldbook P122 from Logic Instrument

Logic Instrument has released a few models of rugged phone, rugged tablet and rugged laptop as well. In the tablets, the one that caught our attention is the P122. Unlike some of the brand's Android-based models, it runs Windows 10 Pro and is compatible with Windows 11. Regarding performance, it is an Intel® Core™ i7 processor that equips it. Combined with a 16GB DDR4 RAM, it's a nice amount of power that's complemented by a base 256GB SSD storage. Its large 12.2-inch screen is generous and offers good brightness. Its weight of 1.5 kg corresponds to the average of its competitors for a device certified MIL-STD 810 G and which resists drops of 1.2m. Its IP65 certification attests to its water and dust resistance. As for the harsh environment, this tablet from job site works in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C. Its battery can be replaced while hot, which is an appreciable advantage in terms of autonomy. Delivered with strap, handle and stylus, the Fieldbook P122 can be completed with optional accessories such as an office docking station, a vehicle docking station or a carrying handle. In conclusion, a lot of capacity and many assets for a high-end tablet.


3) The Zebra ET80

The Zebra ET80 weighs a reasonable 1.3 kg and still offers a sizable 12-inch screen. Running Windows 10 Pro, its microprocessor is an Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processor, its RAM can go up to 16 GB and its storage can expand up to 512 GB. These features make it a rugged tablet that will be able to accompany you in all your tasks on your worksites. It is also equipped with a nice autonomy with a battery that will last up to 11 hours and a backup battery will support the activity up to 17 hours. So you can go from job site to meetings without missing a beat. A hinged friction keyboard will also be very useful for easy data entry. As far as shock resistance is concerned, this Zebra ET80 is MIL-STD-810 H certified and will therefore be able to withstand a shock resulting from a 1.20 m drop onto concrete. And even 1.50 m if the hardened shell is installed for better protection. This last one also allows to work in atmospheres sensitive to explosions because thanks to the hardened shell, it is certified C1D2, which can be an interesting point for certain very pointed companies. As for waterproofing, the results are very good since the IP65 standard has also been achieved with open ports. This is a great way to gain peace of mind with a guarantee of equipment that is not fragile. The last point on which the Zebra ET80 is well placed: security. Indeed, facial recognition is integrated, and as an option, a fingerprint reader or a common access card reader can be added. A plus for sensitive activities.

Windows ET80 and ET85 2-in-1 detachable rugged tablet | Zebra

2) The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro

Excellent value for money for this tablet from job site with a minimum weight of 653g, making it easy to carry. High performance in terms of adaptation to a hostile environment, as it has obtained IP68 certification for dust and water resistance. In the water, it can resist a 30 minutes passage in 1,50 meter of depth. It also passed the MIL-STD 810 G, the U.S. military's standard for shock resistance. The Samsung Galaxy Active Pro has a 10.1-inch display, which is readable even in daylight, and a 13MP rear camera. It has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which is not exceptional but expandable nonetheless. This rugged tablet is much better in terms of battery life, as it allows up to 15 hours of video playback. When we know that video is the most resource-intensive activity, we see that compared to other tablets of job site, this one performs very well. Delivered with its pen and an integrated storage to avoid losing it, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro offers a very interesting quality-price ratio and the reliability of a brand recognized in mobile products.

Galaxy Tab Active Pro (SM-T547) | SM-T547UZKAXAC | Samsung CA_EN

1) The Getac A140

Another tablet from Getac in this ranking of the best tablets from job site. The brand that specializes in rugged computing has confirmed its leadership in the field. The Getac A140 is really THE tablet for professionals, the most successful in our opinion and the most expensive too. It offers a very comfortable 14-inch HD display that can be read even in direct sunlight. It is MIL-STD-810H certified and is vibration and shock resistant. It can withstand a drop of 1.20m. IP65 standard concerning dust and waterproofness, it is therefore perfectly adapted to difficult environments such as construction sites. It works in an environment that varies from -29°C to 63°C, which is suitable for the vast majority of construction professionals. Another of its assets is its hot-swappable battery which allows a continuity of work without equivalent. This one is delivered in the basic version, it is a good surprise. In terms of practical equipment, a rigid handle that doubles as a kickstand can be added as an extra feature. As for the capacity of the Getac A140, it is excellent. In fact, this tablet from job site is equipped with an Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor and offers several choices in processor features. An 8GB DDR4 RAM powers the version and can be upgraded to 16 or 32GB DDR4 as an option. Similarly, the basic storage is 256 GB but can go up to 1 TB. A very good equipment in terms of ports completes to make this rugged tablet irresistible. Many optional accessories make it an indispensable mobile tool. Two drawbacks, however, are its weight of 2.3 kg, which makes it impossible to take it anywhere, and its price, which remains in the very, too, high-end range.

A140 - Getac

We have reviewed the best products available today. Maybe depending on your business, your order would not be the same as ours. It makes sense, not everyone has the same needs. And as you may have noticed, a number of these tablets from job site intended primarily for professionals have substantially similar parameters. This mainly concerns waterproof and dustproof standards and shock resistance. All ruggedized hardware corresponds to the equipment standards of the US military. The difference will depend on your own needs in other areas. For example, if you don't need a large storage capacity, but the budget aspect is more important, you will be more interested in the Samsung tablet from job site . A good analysis of your priorities will be, in any case, the best approach and the one that will guarantee you a judicious and satisfactory acquisition in time.

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