What is the best smartphone of job site ? Here are our top 10!

In any professional activity, telephones have become essential because being able to communicate in direct time with a collaborator in the field can save time, especially in decision-making. However, the construction industry operates in special conditions and there are many risky situations. Like any outdoor activity, they are subject to the vagaries of the weather, and there can be many machines at job site generating a lot of noise. By their very nature, construction sites are also dusty, and some areas may even generate salt spray. These particularities, of which the list is not exhaustive, mean that a classic smartphone will not give complete satisfaction. Fragile and unsuitable on a job site, it shows its limits. That's why some brands have decided to look into the issue and have released outdoor phone models that are particularly suitable for use as construction site phones.

A good phone from job site should, at the very least, meet the requirements of the field and therefore not be afraid of falls. All models meet the MIL-SPEC 810 G standard, which is the latest American military standard for shock resistance. This ensures that the phone is virtually unbreakable. The resistance to dust and water will also be one of the basic criteria. This water resistance is measured with the IP standard. We go from IP00, no protection, to IP69: no dust will infiltrate and the phone is protected against high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning with multidirectional jets. The IP68 standard offers the same level of protection against dust, but for water, the index corresponds to protection against immersion to a depth of more than 1 meter for 30 minutes. This is a guarantee of reliable operation in poor conditions as can be experienced on a job site.

All the phones of job site also have the particularity of offering dual SIM so that you don't have to worry about having a business phone and a model for your private life.

But some characteristics may suit you better than others, depending on your activity and your personal wishes. We have voluntarily limited our choice of brands because some models have features adapted to the construction industry but the seriousness of their brands is not always there. That's why we are going to review the 10 best construction phones in 2022. We will reveal the characteristics of each one, their price, their particular assets, and their weaknesses, starting with the least performing and ending with the one we consider the best. Thus, we will help you to answer these questions: which is the best phone of job site for me? Which one will suit me best?

1 - The Blackview BV6600, to have a solid phone at a mini price

The Chinese brand has succeeded in becoming one of the brands that count when you think of outdoor phone, phone of job site, smartphone off-road or rugged smartphone, whatever the name. The Blackview BV6600 is a good alternative for those who want to equip themselves with a robust and reliable phone with a quality battery. You can enjoy an all-terrain phone with a good autonomy, but without customizable buttons and without thermal camera. Its robustness does not fear shocks or wet and dusty atmospheres. It is a model a little less at the top than its competitors because it is a little older, but its very low price of 189.99€ can satisfy many users who only need basic functions and solidity.

- The plus + : its price

- The minus - : few functions

2 - The Cat S52, for the reliability of the brand and a reasonably priced phone

For those who are sensitive to the reputation of Caterpillar, let yourself be tempted by their Cat phones brand and the Cat S52 model. It has all the characteristics of a rugged, shockproof and waterproof phone, able to operate in difficult conditions, and the quality of the brand's products. A fast battery charge and a 5.65 inch screen make it a very honorable model. The Cat S52 is one of the thinnest, if not the thinnest, rugged smartphones on the market. At less than 10mm thick and weighing 210g, it is indeed a featherweight compared to its competitors. Being a little older than the brand's latest model, the Cat S62 Pro, and without a thermal camera, it is more affordable with a purchase price of €325.

- The plus : an attractive price for this quality, dimensions close to a classic smartphone

- The minus : no program key

3 - The Archos X67, for the priority to photos and 5 G

A 5G rugged smartphone with one of the most powerful cameras on the market. An undeniable plus if image quality is an important parameter in your professional activity. Underwater shooting is also possible. Especially since the Archos X67 all-terrain phone is equipped with a large FHD+ screen, XXL size with a dimension of 6.67 inches. In the category of all-terrain phones, it is among those with the best images. An internal storage of 128 GB which can be extended with a micro SD card. Archos announces an extra long battery without giving more details. We would like the French brand to give less subjective information.

- The plus + : 5 G smartphone, the quality of the images

- The minus - : an unknown autonomy, a rather heavy weight of 380 g

4 - The Crosscall Core-M5, for a solid phone at the right price

CORE-M4: compact, durable and reliable smartphone

The Crosscall Core M5 has a 4.95 inch screen, so it's a bit smaller than its competitors here, but it also has a lower overall price at 349.90€. An interesting choice for those who do not want to invest too much in their unbreakable phone from job site . A very good value for money, a 5 years warranty by the manufacturer and performances that remain at a very good level despite everything. The Crosscall is a real waterproof phone thanks to its IP68 certification, its touch screen usable with wet fingers or with gloves. This screen is protected by its Corning Gorilla glass of generation 3, which already gives a good resistance to shocks and scratches. An autonomy of 14 days in standby and more than 25 hours in communication completes the list of its advantages. A good surprise for a phone of this price: the smartphone of the Aix brand offers 2 customizable buttons.

- The plus : a very good quality-price ratio

- The minus: a little small screen, lack of RAM (3GB) and storage (32GB)

5 - The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5, for a large volume of data to store

A new Samsung Galaxy turned towards the world of construction. Like the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, the Samsung XCover 5 offers many advantages. In terms of resistance, it offers a waterproof IP68 certification and it defies shocks with a reinforced shell. The walkie-talkie function can be used via a programmable button. It can withstand extreme temperatures from -51°C to 71°C, so it can stand up to any conditions. The5.3-inch screen is sensitive enough to be handled with gloves. Its removable and interchangeable battery allows to increase the autonomy by purchasing a backup battery. Its weight of 172 g makes it a pleasant mobile to wear. As for data storage, it is 64 GB and can be extended to 1 TB via a micro SD. As an option, the PTI system (Protection Travailleur Isoléur) is available to manage alerts in case of loss of verticality. The whole thing comes with a 3-year warranty and a price of 299€, which makes it a very good value product.

- The plus : an attractive price considering its capacities

- Least - : too little storage without the addition of a micro SD card

6 - The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, for intensive professional use

The Korean brand has invested in the field of outdoor phones to deliver a very resistant phone with proven reliability. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro is water and dust resistant with its IP68 standard. It has 2 configurable buttons. Its 6.3-inch HD screen has a high sensitivity that makes it usable with gloves. An LED flash informs you when messages are received, which is a great advantage in a noisy environment. The camera's live focus function blurs the background to highlight foreground objects. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro has a Knox security suite for hardware and software security adapted to the business world. In addition, the battery system has been designed so that it can be replaced easily and without tools. Thus, it is possible to purchase an additional battery backup separately. A criterion of choice for those who use their phone intensively. Considering all its features, the price of 509€ is justified, even if it is high compared to the XCover 5 version. 35€ is needed to add an extra removable battery.

- The plus : its weight of 214 g, the easy battery change, the safety platform

- The minus : the extra cost for an additional battery

7 - The Crosscall Core X4, for the quality of a French phone guaranteed for 3 years

CORE-X4: professional, efficient and practical smartphone

Based in Aix en Provence, France, Crosscall surprises us with a French manufacturing for a 5G rugged phone with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. In addition to withstanding extreme conditions (from -25 ° C to 50 ° C), falls of 2 meters and a waterproof standard IP68, the touch screen of the Crosscall Core X4 is handled with gloves or wet fingers. The device allows shooting even in low light conditions, with a beautiful image quality. Most of these types of phones offer a programmable button. The phone from job site French Crosscall Core X4, on the other hand, has 2 customizable buttons. An additional feature that is appreciable. An announced autonomy of almost 30 hours in conversation, and 11 hours in GPS. This function is very energy consuming, it is a good performance. Let's add that this resistant phone is available in 2 versions to choose from. The first one offers 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory for a price of 449,90€. For an additional 50€, that is to say 499,90€ it is 4 Go of RAM and 64 Go of internal storage which you will have.

- The plus + :3 years warranty, low light photo, 2 configurable keys, its autonomy

- The minus - : a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen a little less efficient than the generation 5

8 - The Sonim XP8, for a phone that can be used in the most extreme conditions

Sonim is a Californian brand not very well known by the general public but specialized in industrial telephony. So, a recognized seriousness and solid qualities equip their last model, the Sonim XP8. With 30 days of autonomy in standby and 30 hours in communication, it has enough to satisfy most users. Compared to their previous model, the XP7, this latest model looks more like a consumer smartphone, with a thickness of only 18 mm. As for the weight, it remains in the category of phones of job site with its 335 g. It really deserves its reputation as an unbreakable phone with a resistance to drops up to 2 meters on concrete and to pressures up to 1 ton. It is really a hardened phone with a rubber cover that is impossible to pierce. As for its IP69 certified waterproofing, it is insensitive to corrosive liquids. It is even certified Atex zone 2/22 and can therefore be present quietly in explosive atmospheres of short duration. An incredible autonomy of 30 days in standby and 30 hours in communication completes its assets. The battery is also removable, which allows to double the autonomy for the most demanding. A phone that outperforms the competition. Unfortunately, its price of 899€ too. Be careful to buy it from an official dealer or you won't be able to install updates.

- The plus : exceptional robustness performance, 3 years warranty

- The minus : a high price, its weight

9 - The Blackview BL6000 Pro, for international sites

On international job sites, the Blackview BL6000 Pro works wonders as it supports 33 5G/4G frequency bands and thus provides excellent connection to local mobile networks. It has a 6.36-inch display, which gives it a good visual comfort. As for the 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, it places the Blackview BL6000 Pro among the best. When the temperature drops to -30°C, the basic functions hold up where other phones shut down with the cold. It is also usable underwater. Despite the use of 5G, which consumes energy, its solid battery allows it to have an autonomy of 20 days in standby and 24 hours in communication. Very solid qualities for a robust phone, sold at 429.99€ , which is an excellent value for money and a French after-sales service.

- The plus : very efficient in international and extreme conditions, excellent quality/price ratio

- The minus : a little heavy weight of 284 grams

10 - The Cat S62 Pro, for thermal imaging

The Caterpillar brand, well known in construction equipment, has created the Cat phones brand for a range of phones specially designed for construction sites. The Cat S62 Pro has a scratchproof touch screen, usable with gloves or wet fingers. Ananti-slip rubber on the back improves the grip and gives an increased robustness. By resisting a fall of more than 1.80 meter on concrete and with a waterproofness classified IP69, the Cat S62 Pro proves the know-how of the brand for products dedicated to the life of construction sites. Cat phones announces a 2 days autonomy in moderate use. A possible use in walkie-talkie via an application opens additional possibilities for those who wish it. Finally, this phone from job site offers, in addition, a very high quality thermal imaging, of a professional level. Very useful, especially for detecting leaks or overheating, this feature will be a real criterion of choice for the professionals concerned.

- The plus : its robustness, its thermal camera, the reliability of the brand

- The minus : its price from 545€.

So what's the best phone for the worksite?

As you can see, the characteristics of the phones from job site in terms ofwaterproofing, dustproofing or salt sprayproofing, are more or less the same from one model to another. On the camera side, even if efforts have been made, ruggedized phones are not known to be among the best. Samsung, Cat phones, Blackview and Crosscall dominate the outdoor phone market , notably due to a reliability that is not always present on brands that have, for this reason, been left out of this list of the best phones for the construction industry.

It should be noted that depending on the specific needs of the company, it will be interesting to choose one or the other of these unbreakable smartphones. Thus, for professionals who use a thermal camera, the Cat S62 Pro will be the best choice. Although less known, the Sonim XP8 is also one of the models that seduced us the most with the Crosscall Core X4. Our advice will be to encourage you to determine the most useful functions for your activity and also, of course, according to the budgetary possibilities of the company.

Reconcile the field and the office. 😌
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