End of Intervention Report #usecase


No surprises! At the end of a job site in highways and miscellaneous external works, it is often mandatory to make a report 📄 to show the state of the site after work. A sort of exit inventory, after all.

🤯 But for now it's complicated! The site supervisor or works supervisor are going to write the intervention report after the work day, for the works supervisor when he gets back to the office or even at home. He takes an excel or word template, imports the photos from his phone on his computer, puts them in the right format before sending his file by email to the owner.

I might as well tell you that the moment of the report is unfortunately often postponed (the reporting time of the chefs is constantly increasing!), or some photos are simply lost.

Photo of asphalt finish, with visual indication of classification (left of photo)


On this phase, Kraaft is an automatic and collaborative report generator!

📷 The supervisor takes the photos of the end of the job site, ultra simply in the corresponding ticket

✔️ I lower the difficulty to drop off a photo, and don't ask to fill out a long form

📂 If he is comfortable, the site supervisor can directly file the photo on mobile, in an "End of interventions" task - if not, it is the works supervisor who does a simple drag and drop!

✔️ I am protected in case of claims after the work is done

✔️ I modulate the filing request according to my employee's digital fluency: "Already if I have the photo that's great!"

📄 The work manager generates in 1 click an intervention report directly in the right format. (Contact us to customize your reports! contact@kraaft.co)

✔️ My report is immediately in the right format and with the right logos

📧 The work supervisor emails the attached report to his client for billing

✔️ I consolidate the trust and professionalism towards my client

On the right, "Download report" button to generate the customized report

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