Plan of recoiling


We're not teaching you anything: one of the great challenges of the century for VRD players is the accurate mapping 🗺 of all networks.

🤯 And we still meet many overworked surveyors! Sometimes they don't manage to get to 100% of the sites before backfill for a final survey, especially for connection contracts for example. And when they come to do their surveys in open trench, they lose time when they come back to extract their photos to finalize the recolement plan.

Fortunately, managers are more and more trained in new surveying methods (survey canes, point cloud survey tools with whom we have a partnership)! And Kraaft can significantly help.

Map interface on Kraaft, where the photos of the construction sites are positioned


In this case, Kraaft is a great notepad (if the surveyor could go on the field himself), or a geolocalized photo consultation library!

🗺️ Photos are geotagged

📚 High volume jobsites (hookups, etc.) are organized by tickets, tasks, category and card

📱 O nly members of a ticket receive notifications

📹 We send a video directly into my point cloud processing software, and keep track of it on the Kraaft ticket (compatible: RezoProcess)

🖥 We drag and drop the photos directly on the desktop of the computer, to insert them in the survey plan

Example of a recoiling plan. Source:

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