Passing of instructions #usecase


Specialization obliges, whether in cana, street lighting or burial, often it is not the same team 👨👩👧👧 that does the job site from A to Z! And potentially, several weeks can go by between phases of job site.

And even if the transfer via the job site file and the oral allows to transmit some information, 🤯 others too often pass to the trap door... and can give place to errors on the teams downstream (example, to damage a previous work). A cause often encountered: photos and info have been sent back to the driver, but not being shared more globally, it's complicated to retransmit everything when the time comes.


In this case, Kraaft is a collaborative instruction book!

🗺️ As soon as job site is prepared and throughout the current phase, photos are geotagged, and location pins📍 are placed for my particular points (junctions, cabinets, macifs, etc)

✔️ The next team can later find out exactly where the job site is positioned and the issues encountered

🎤 A utomatically transcribed voice notes complement the photos with easy explanations

✔️ I keep track of the context in the moment

✔️ It's always easier to talk than to write!

👨👩👧👧 When I add the leader of the new team as a member on the ticket, the new team leader has access to the entire job site history (unlike WhatsApp)

✔️ Instructions may be passed from one team to another

✔️ The newcomer reads the history

👨👩👧👧 When I remove the previous team leader from the conversation members, he no longer receives notifications and the ticket disappears from his screen.

✔️ My leaders are not polluted with notifications, they focus on their work in progress

Jean, works manager - "It's super practical to pass on instructions between my earthmoving team and my electrical team, everyone is on the same level of information"

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