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Getting material to the right place at the right time is the key to any job site ! And to optimize time and labor, the quick ⚡️ and efficient flow of information with machine operators is essential.

🤯 Despite their excellent knowledge of the terrain and surroundings, sometimes the work sites do not have precise addresses, or are in areas with little network. We then lose time, way too much time, to find the place. Not to mention the unforeseen events (traffic jams, breakdowns, bad weather...) that create delays that are almost never traced on the sites...

Communication in case of unforeseen events


In this case, Kraaft is a great tool for location and communication!

⌚ The driver notifies the leader in real time on Kraaft of his arrival or of the material transported

✔️ I make decisions quickly without being hung up on the phone

🗺 The leader on the job site shares his or her location point directly to the machine operator

✔️ I provide accurate and reliable information.

🔀 The machine operator receives the position and finds the route automatically via Waze, Google Maps...

✔️ I find the job site easily, using my most suitable GPS appA focus group is created with the drivers and the dispatcher

🗨 A focus group is created with the drivers and the dispatcher

✔️ Ioptimize each person'sroutes as I go along, depending on availability and contingencies

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