Reservations lifted #CasdUsage


Reservations: those little finishing touches that are too often forgotten and turn out to be a headache 🤪 for the work managers!

🤯 For now, we see them noted on excel spreadsheets or on a large whiteboard, and they are often transmitted by message or verbally to the teams. The follow-up is chaotic and it is not uncommon to take several weeks before lifting them which can lead to dissatisfaction among customers.

Information in the task associated with the reserve
Follow directly the lifting of the reservations


In this phase, Kraaft is a powerful and collaborative monitoring tool!

📷  The site or works supervisor take photos

✔️ Reserve photos are associated with the voucher job site

📂 If he is comfortable, the leader can directly file the photo on mobile, in a "Reserves" task - if not, it is the driver who does a simple drag and drop!

✔️ Reserves are tracked until they are resolved

✍️ Once the reserve is done the leader can validate the corresponding task

✔️ I am notified of the lifting of reservations

📄 The work manager generates in 1 click a resves report directly in the right format. (Contact us to customize your reports!

✔️ My report is immediately in the right format and with the right logos

📧 The driver emails the attached report to his client for the follow-up of the reservations

✔️ I consolidate the trust and professionalism towards my client

📚 (Release: Oct-21) A global view on all my jobsites of "Reserve/Finish" type tasks is available

✔️ I know exactly what reservations and finishes still need to be addressed

Marc, works manager - "It's never easy to follow the resolution of the finishing touches and reservations on my sites. I have a notebook on which I write down what remains to be done, but I have to regularly check that everything has been done, and I can't hide the fact that sometimes I forget.

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