Ensio uses Kraaft as its tracking software for job site

On February 15, 2022, we went to meet Sylvain Leduc and Frank Lessieur, works manager and head of job site at Ensio. Kraafteurs for a few months, they talk to us about their experience.

The challenges

Ensio is the major French specialist in fiber networks. The agency in Argentan, a small town in the Orne region of Normandy, works mainly on telecom and gas networks. Renovation of connections and deployment of fiber on departmental and rural roads. Projects in rural areas have their own characteristics: "We often work in localities, lost corners or houses in job site" explains Sylvain.

The challenge for the work center, which is not used to working for GRDF, is to offer innovative reporting and to stand out from the competition through the quality of the follow-up. On this type of market, managing the large volume of work, ensuring that job site is well prepared and communicating transparently about the difficulties encountered are three essential elements of monitoring. But this mobilizes a lot of resources for small budget projects...

Simplified work and centralized exchanges

For Frank, Kraaft has become a daily reflex on job site. The application is very easy to use and centralizes all his activities:

Separate actions that together save the teams a lot of time. Before, Frank used to take pictures of interventions with his phone, and transfer them in the evening to the office computer to send them to Sylvain. Today, in one click, the photo is automatically stored on the company's SharePoint and GRDF can react directly on it.

Other steps, which might seem simple, become more important on a job site in a rural environment, such as voice notes, automatically transcribed into writing by the application: "I use the voice note because in rainy weather or when it's cold it saves us time and it's much more practical" (Frank). Now everything is done in the moment.

"In the teams it has been very well accepted, even by the old ones. The application is well done, simple and easy to access. You can do everything directly." (Frank Lessieur, head of job site at Ensio)

Map of Ensio Argantan work sites

TS are traded instantly with customers
(they are also on Kraaft)

"On each of the sites I assign access to the customers. They can contact us directly on Kraaft. If we have a problem, they give us the solution in a smooth and quick way." (Sylvain Leduc, works manager at Ensio)

For Sylvain, Kraaft is also an opportunity to have a more transparent relationship with his client. On the application, for the same job site, one can have two conversations: one internal for the teams, and one shared with the customer. But Ensio has chosen to be radically transparent. One job site, one conversation. GRDF can react to a situation in real time. This saves time and increases confidence, which is essential in a new activity for the public works agency.

"Kraaft allows us to negotiate TS, additional works, directly. No need to exchange emails anymore, but we still keep a written trace!" (Sylvain Leduc, works manager at Ensio)

A time-saving reflex every day

This increased confidence also means time savings, of course. For Sylvain, Kraaft saves him 1 hour per day in emails, calls and messages. Information is shared in real time "by the guys at job site ". Everything is more fluid. Today, for him,"It's a tool that is in our operating DNA, so it would be very complicated to do without it".

"It's a huge time saver, we've eliminated a lot of phone calls like 'Where is job site ?' For us, for our partners and for our subcontractors: it saves everyone time." (Sylvain Leduc, works manager at Ensio)

The Benefits

✅ Easy to handle by site managers

✅ 1 hour per day saved in exchange for emails and phone calls

✅ More transparency and better valuation of the hazards of job site

✅ Automatic photo storage on SharePoint

✅ Field-adapted solution: off the Internet, voice notes

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