Hazard and additional work management 


Unsurprisingly, on job site not everything goes as planned. A hard rock, bad weather or an unexpected network, multiple causes for the same result: the work gets delayed ⏱ and the bill increases!

When we receive a call for a problem, maybe with a photo by SMS, in the best case we warn the customer and send a recap email. 🤯 But often caught in the storm of everyday life we do not treat it immediately, it's human! And then we quickly lose traceability and context. The consequence: at the time of internal financial summaries and billing meetings, it is found that it is complicated to redo the history of job site and to remember all the hazards, and that the evidence is non-existent or untraceable. And your customer will probably refuse to pay

Submission of a hazard
Example of a conversation following a hazard


On this phase, Kraaft is a great collaborative notebook!

📷  The site or works supervisor take photos

✔️ I make it super easy to get instant feedbacks from the field

🎤 If the person in charge is unavailable, we describe his problem with a automatically transcribedvoice note

✔️ I keep track of the context at the very moment hazard occurs

✔️ It's always easier to talk than to write!

🖥 In the heat of the moment, we create a hazard 

✔️ Information is immediately put in the right place

✔️ No need to go back up the thread to find the event

📄 A hazard report on mobile or web is sent in 1 click, and directly to the right format!

✔️ I gain in responsiveness to my client on this first step of declaration

✔️ I have all the evidence to support the extra work.

🗂 The works supervisor has a global view of every the hazards of every job site

✔️ A few weeks later, he forgets nothing and easily synthesize everything that has been done

✔️ I can find all my hazards very easily in all my work sites

Paul, construction manager - "Thanks to Kraaft, 100% of my contingencies and claims are justified. I no longer have any loss of information, I always have all the necessary proof for my additional work requests."

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