Urbaine de Travaux and Darras et Jouanin of the Fayat group use Kraaft as a monitoring software for job site

On March 29, 2022, we went to meet Eric Peuple, group leader at Urbaine de Travaux / Darras et Jouanin. Kraafteur for more than a year, he tells us about his experience.


Darras et Jouanin is a well-known company: it is involved in the laying and rehabilitation of drinking water pipes, heating networks and sewerage systems. Belonging to the Fayat group, the company, whose head office is located in Viry-Chatillon, generates a turnover of about 45M€.

"At the moment, we are working a lot on sewer rehabilitation, like this type of job site on Leverrier street (...) like cracks or coatings to be repaired, to avoid leaks and the sewers collapsing" explains Eric. The first challenge in an urban environment is to have a good relationship with the residents. "We also have contracts with strict deadlines and environmental standards (...) for example, we use a B100 generator (based on frying oil)" Eric explains.

The problem is that despite these challenges to monitor, it is impossible to be on site every day. "I have four works managers and eight team leaders for about twenty sites," says Eric. "I try to be present everywhere but I can't go every day.

Easy adoption by site supervisors

"I've been using Kraaft for a year and a half, my site managers also use it daily (...) it has been very well received" comments Eric. In only a few days, my staff has taken the reflex. "Today, a job site without Kraaft I don't think about it".

The way it works is simple: for each job site, the work manager creates a conversation on Kraaft. The job site managers upload photos, videos or voice notes. Even on CrossCall laptops, the application doesn't take up any memory and the WhatsApp-like interface is picked up in minutes by everyone. "It's a news feed from job site," testifies Eric.

"Kraaft allows me to save time and to follow the work in real time" he continues. The advantage is that all the photos are time-stamped and geo-located. So if you want to find an event, even months later, you can explore job site with a timeline or on a satellite map.

More transparency on extra work

"The tool allows us to save documents and photos, so if we have a complaint to make to the customer, we have a history ", explains Eric. "Marking and staking, a third party company that damages the pipe: everything is traced on Kraaft thanks to the photo reflex taken by the team leaders."

The advantage is that with one click it is possible to generate anomaly reports on the customer's format. Communication is therefore professional and responsive. Nature of the ground, delivery delay, network crossing: the work of the teams is better valued and the project management is informed in real time about the difficulties of the site.

"In particular, we produce pre-construction inspection reports for the client" thanks to the application, says Eric. More transparency and the voice of the site manager: two elements of trust to consolidate the relationship with the client.

"Kraaft allows me to save time and to manage sites in real time" (Eric Peuple, group leader at Urbaine de Travaux)

A tool that fits with your own processes

"I have added standard task lists for my sites, to make life easier for my managers and to make it easier for us to find our way around" continues Eric. Kraaft allows you to add follow-up tasks to guarantee the quality of job site. DICT, road orders, marking and staking, execution of the work and lifting of reservations: each stage validation is simply traced on the news feed of job site with photo evidence.

The application also provides access to job site documents, and offers integration with SharePoint and Kizeo Forms, so that all site elements are centralised through a single interface. "Kraaft has joined forces with Kizeo (for example, on security reception), and the two software packages together are very complete for us," says Eric. The advantage is also that all the information in the site log is in the right tree structure in the SharePoint folder.

"My site managers use it daily (...) today, a job site without Kraaft I don't think about it". (Eric Peuple, group leader at Urbaine de Travaux)

The Benefits

✅ Easy to handle by site managers

✅ Integration with Kizeo Forms and Microsoft SharePoint

✅ Real-time monitoring job site and difficulties

✅ More transparency and better valuation of the hazards of job site

✅ Time saving on the generation of geo-located and time-stamped photo reports

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