Eurovia Aubervilliers uses Kraaft as a job site management software

On April 19, 2022, we went to meet Maxime Jacob, head of job site at Eurovia Aubervilliers. Kraafter for more than a year, he tells us about his experience.


Aubervilliers agency is the Eurovia Group's largest in terms of number of employees. Specializing in road and network works in the Paris region, it has been part of the new Vinci Construction division since 2021, which has more than 120,000 employees.

"Today I am in Moulins on a massive highway project, calles RCEA" begins Maxime. "It is a 93km project divided into 4 lots" he continues. The first challenge of the project is therefore to find your way around and to follow the progress of the team leaders without always being able to be on site.

"A big part of my job is organizing the various participants. On a structure like the viaduct, there are 11 different companies involved. We have to adjust to each other so as not to delay the whole project (...) The schedules are quite tight since the road has never been closed, it is always in use", says Maxime.

Given the importance of the project, quality monitoring is very demanding. Maxime, who specialises in waterproofing on bituminous structures, says: "For everything that involves receiving the support, I have to prove my waterproofing (...) and prove that my bituminous sheets are up to standard.

Position every structures on a satellite map

"In all I work on 93 kilometers and I have about 100 structures. What I do is that I create a conversation for each structure. I put the GPS point and quantities in square meters" explains Maxime. The application allows team leaders to easily visualize each structure positioned on the road. The GPS coordinates and the integration with Waze or Maps then allow the teams to easily get to the site.

"We started Kraaft in December 2021. I explained to my team leader what the benefits were. Before, I had to send him a lot of GPS points (...) with Kraaft, he would be able to find his way around and send me photos more easily". And all the information about the work is centralized on the dedicated news feed: documents, photos, comments, materials, hazards, pressure tests and quality controls.

Generate reports for the project owner

Kraaft allows conversations to be transformed into reports. With one click, Maxime can generate job site photo files, pressure test reports or anomaly sheets from the work's news feed. "It allows me to have a follow-up of the construction site, proofs when I exchange with my project manager. In general, I have a better follow-up of everything thanks to Kraaft".

"For the works supervisor who is not on site, he can monitor the site remotely and give us feedback," adds Maxime. This allows the supervisors to be informed in real time if there are any problems, and to have a traceability in case of additional work.

"Without this tool, the management of job site would have been much more complicated. I would have made a global note with the number of the structure but it would have been too complicated. Today, for a job site like the RCEA, Kraaft is an almost indispensable tool for us" concludes Maxime"

"Today, Kraaft is used daily, two or three times a day (...) it has changed my way of working" (Maxime Jacob, site supervisor at Eurovia Aubervilliers)

The Benefits

✅ Positioning of structures on a satellite map

✅ Photos automatically geo-located on the linear and time-stamped

✅ Better traceability of hazards and quality controls (forms module)

✅ More responsive and transparent collaboration with project owner/manager

✅ Saves time on report generation for work supervisors

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