File of job site (plans, DICTs, etc) #CasdUsage


The file of job site 📂 is a mine of information gathering all the necessary and compulsory documents to carry out an operation (right-of-way or execution plans, orders, DICTs, etc).

Most of the time its elements are printed, 🤯 but sometimes the field teams don't have the latest elements up to date. Or have lost a paper! Digital mobile access can then be very useful.

Share documents directly in the conversation
Consult the documents in mobility
The "Plans" documents are filed in the right place on the mobile


In this case, Kraaft is a tool for sharing and enriching the job site file!

📷 Documents are simply dragged and dropped from the computer to a Kraaft ticket

✔️ I am notified when a new document arrives on the ticket, and am sure to be at the latest version

📂 We file these documents in dedicated tasks

✔️ I can find the documents very quickly without having to go back in the conversation

📄 At the end of the job site a complete file is generated enriched with the ticket information

✔️ My job site file gathers all the information from the operation (photos, conversation, hazards)

📧 All items coming from Kraaft will be automatically archived in my job site SharePoint folder (release: October 21)

✔️ I consolidate everyone's work and make archiving easier for the company and the client

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