I use Kraaft as my job site managment software for my road maintenance leases

Every year, 15 billion euros are invested in road maintenance in France. Municipalities and cities, which represent 37% of this budget, delegate the maintenance of their roads to local work centers. SRBG, Braja Vésigné, Watelet TP, SNTH: they have all chosen Kraaft to help them better monitor their sites. If you also want to strengthen the trust with your customer and offer a dedicated interface for your road maintenance lease, this article is for you.


Road maintenance leases sometimes generate up to half of a public works agency's turnover. These purchase order contracts, renewable every 3 years, allow the company to have visibility on its revenues by avoiding the cumbersome nature of calls for tender.

The downside is that the work sites are short. The preparation and follow-up work for each intervention is therefore very heavy. Between the authorizations, the security of the work sites, the preliminary and acceptance visits and the as-built records to be validated, the economic equation is not always easy.

The client, on the other hand, always wants more transparency. They create a Provisional Intervention Plan (PPI) upstream, which covers the 3 years of the contract, and want to know its progress in order to anticipate shutdowns. But it constantly adds curative interventions to this schedule. A subsidence the day before a visit? The service provider must quickly identify the problem and then arrange to intervene during the day.

The work manager is quickly overwhelmed by the headache of scheduling, paperwork, constant field visits and phone calls.

The interventions are geo-located with a color code between the owner and the company of works

How does Kraaft help you?

Kraaft allows to share a cartographic interface between the customer and the construction company. For each intervention, the customer or the works manager can create a job site log. A picture, a geolocation point, a voice note, and preparatory documents (by-laws, DICT) are added. Everyone is aware that the intervention is coming, we can receive alerts when it is finished or late. And generate an attachment directly from Kraaft when it is validated by the customer.

In this environment dedicated to the maintenance contract, the work company can customize with the customer the fields of the intervention form, and the format of the generated reports. The interactive map allows to explore all the ongoing worksites, with a color code according to their status. This allows the customer to know the progress of the work directly from his mobile, and to make comments directly from his mobile application.

As easy to use as WhatsApp!

The works manager limits unnecessary travel and the job site manager becomes more autonomous. For example, the city hall employee identifies a bollard to be repaired during his tour of the site. He creates the intervention directly on Kraaft, the foreman receives a notification in real time, and he can request additional information from the foreman, who then shares documents or asks the customer for explanatory videos. A date is added to the intervention, the foreman fills in the form with photos or videos, then validates the job site and generates a Word report for attachment.

For each job site, there is a very simple log where everyone can send messages via their cell phone (interface close to WhatsApp). But when the driver has time, he can also explore the intervention database in spreadsheet format, with the possibility to export all the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Typical Road Maintenance Lease Interventions

The Benefits

✅ Ease of use by all market players;

✅ The work manager avoids unnecessary travel: in particular the triple visit with the client, the head of job site and at the reception;

✅ Fewer phone calls to track progress;

✅ More transparency between the construction company and the community on the monitoring of job site ;

✅ Appreciated formalism for job site reports and as-built records ;

✅ Adaptability of the solution to the specificities of the market: 100% customizable form fields and reports ;

Reconcile the field and the office. 😌
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