The job site report is an integral part of the job site follow-up. This, along with the job site meeting and the job site visit to which it is closely linked.

However, even if the name is quite explicit, it does not indicate the purpose of the document, nor its legal scope. Moreover, what should the various reports contain? Are certain mentions mandatory? We will provide you with our expertise on all these points so that the drafting of a report becomes easy and familiar to you.

Report from job site : explanations

The report, also frequently called minutes of job site (PV) follows two recurrent events in the life of a job site. Indeed, during the execution of construction or renovation works, points are constantly made in order to note the progress of the works. Regular meetings are scheduled and they are always accompanied by site visits. The report is made at the end of a meeting at job site and the accompanying site tour.

Definition of a report of job site

The minutes of job site are a written document, even if they are digital. It will include all the points discussed during the last project follow-up meeting. This meeting of job site allows to identify the incidents met, the defects, the problems of safety, the nonconformity of a service. The main goal is to avoid that at the reception of the work, reservations are issued and that a disagreement arises. The report, as for him, is in charge of retranscribing all what was seen and discussed during this meeting. All the information resulting from the meeting must be included.

It is the organizer of the meeting, usually the project manager, who is responsible for drawing up the minutes of job site.

What is the legal value of a report from job site ?

Contrary to what one might suppose, a report from job site has no legal value, no probative value and is not contractual, except in exceptional cases.

During litigation brought before the courts, the jurisprudence has remained constant on this subject.

The report of job site has no contractual value, it does not bind the participants by obligations, it remains only informative. Unless a clause specifically states that it becomes contractual in the absence of a dispute within a given period.

However, it always remains an element of appreciation for an existing situation. That is to say, a judge can rely on it to form his opinion on a case brought

before its jurisdiction. Hence the importance of not neglecting the drafting of this report and of recording it scrupulously.

What should be included in a visit report from job site ?

Some of this content is very simple to enter because it is already known and mostly factual data. In particular, basic information, photographs or a diary from job site should be included in the report. job site For example, Kraaft offers you to follow your job site thanks to an interactive logbook on mobile and computer, which allows you to generate a job site report automatically at each meeting and a final report at the end of the job site.

The basic elements

It is everything that will accurately identify this document.

Thus should be noted:

- A unique identification number

- A document title that describes the purpose of this report

- The exact address of the job site

- The name of the client

- The date and time of the visit concerned

- The list of participants called with the mention of the absences and the presences

- The agenda

- The date of the next meeting if it has already been scheduled

Then comes the most delicate and serious part. It is the one that will concern the points discussed during the meeting.

The detailed part

This is the one that will count the most in the sense that it is best not to forget anything and not to make mistakes.

It will be necessary to note all the elements of the work requiring a corrective action: defects noted, nonconformity of a safety equipment, improvement to be made... The list is not exhaustive.

Everything that was seen, noticed and discussed must be included in the report, as this is its primary interest.

If the report is not done in real time, on a tablet for example, it is better to take notes. This will facilitate the writing process.

Some important points:

- Be as clear and concise as possible

- Structure your report by lot or market

- Make a note of the names of the people who are to be involved in an action and clearly specify what is to be done

- Include photos, sketches, anything that can support your claims

Do not hesitate to equip yourself with a digital solution. It will simplify your work and help you not to miss anything. Not to mention the time saved. In addition, sharing information faster and more efficiently will give you more credibility with your contacts.

Sample report of a job site

Now, you should have a better understanding of the report of job site, its importance, its purpose and its non-contractual but essential value. And more particularly, the mentions to be included and how to structure it so that it is profitable for each of the participants.

Without mentioning the litigation that it can avoid, it is, on the contrary, the reputation of the company that can be boosted by quality reports.

Reconcile the field and the office. 😌
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