Kraaft vs WhatsApp vs Microsoft Teams: which messaging system should you choose for your field teams?

Messaging is the cornerstone of work (especially for field teams!)

In the professional sphere, messaging systems are preponderant because they meet two essential needs:

1. Share information in real time: photos, videos, texts, documents, voice notes, geolocations, etc.

2. Centralize and retrieve this information

Messaging systems are used to share information, that's obvious: we send messages, emails or files to each other with the aim of having them read. On the other hand, we think less immediately about the role of information storage: nowadays, we systematically use messaging systems as an additional memory!

They allow us to find shared information: by "scrolling" through the history of Whatsapp to find a message for example, or by typing in the search bar of one's mailbox, or by looking at the photo gallery of a Facebook or Whatsapp conversation, ... It is because we exchange so much information (42 billion Whatsapp messages per day!) that we sometimes need to store information to come back to it later.

Professional messaging systems must respond even more to this double function (sharing & storage): in the field, our information (messages, photos, videos, ...) are worth money because they are used for billing, compliance or operational efficiency of several teams! Moreover, we send these messages as much to share information as to remember them later, when we get back to the office.

Simple comparison of Kraaft x Whatsapp x Teams for field teams


These three messaging systems all allow messages, photos and files to be sent, each time in a secure environment, an essential prerequisite for the professional world. But to be truly adapted to the field, these messaging systems must meet specific criteria:

1. Intuitive ergonomics for the field: not all field teams are used to digital technology and they have other priorities than using an application (dangerous situations, rain, no network);

2. The storage of information and the sharing of this data either by export (reports, files) or by connection to business information systems;

3. The searchability of this information (=is it easy to find the information and use it?) ;


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Ergonomics adapted to field teams

Classification of information

Export and exploitation of data  

Conclusion: which messaging system to use and when?


If you only need to share information: in this case, we advise you to choose the messaging system that your teams already use, and we recommend that you choose Whatsapp over Microsoft Teams, for the ergonomics and performance of the application in the field.


If you need to share and then retrieve the information : in this case, we advise you to use Kraaft, which will allow you to centralize the information, classify it, find it and retrieve it very easily.

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