Controlled communication with MOE/MOA #CasdUsage


Customer relations are the core of our business: whether we serve local authorities or private individuals, we want to do well and build relationships based on trust! 🤝 For long construction sites, weekly debriefing meetings allow us to discuss progress as well as the problems encountered.

🤯 But the flow of days of the job site(s) follow one another, the driver often has no time to make progress reports, and when a problem arises: here it is quickly forgotten, or reassembled far too late! The customer, presented with a fait accompli, grumbles.

The "Customer Ticket" button allows you to create a shared conversation
The customer conversation has been created, and is marked with a "Shared with customer" banner
The driver choose to "Share with the customer" a message


Kraaft is also a communication tool with your customer!

A special conversation is dedicated to an exchange with the customer about Kraaft

✔️ I centralize my discussions, whether they are internal or external

✔️ I provide my client with a single feed to track my job site

The client is an external user, he will only have access to the discussion you have shared with him

✔️ I have control over what I share with my client

Photos are time-stamped and geo-located

✔️ My client knows where the photos are located and can link them to their GIS

The information is immediately transmitted to the customer

✔️ I gain in reactivity on the declaration of my problems and stopping points

The tool is free for your customers

✔️ I can provide him with an additional service

Weekly meeting reports are shared directly on the conversation

✔️ I find all the key elements of the follow-up in the same place, and distribute them to all the actors of the job site

The driver shares a reserve or a task from the customer ticket to his boss in the internal ticket

✔️ My teams are easily aware of my interactions with the client.


Reconcile the field and the office. 😌
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