On-call #CasdUsage


The on-call duty is a race against the clock, the start of which is never known. When an intervention falls, the head of job site has no time to lose because the company is committed to respecting a deadline for intervention. Reactivity ⚡️ is therefore the priority...

🤯 But we must not forget to properly trace the course and history of the interventions. Because often caught up in the rush we forget to properly record the context and this can have financial consequences for the company at the time of billing.


On this phase, Kraaft is a real history of interventions!

+I create a ticket corresponding to the on-call contract

✔️ I immediately isolate all information related to the on-call

📷 The leader takes before and after photos in the corresponding ticket.

✔️ I keep evidence of the intervention and the conditions

🎤 The chief can give more precision on the conditions of interventions via an automatically transcribed voice note or via a text message

✔️ I keep track of the context in the moment

✔️ It's always easier to talk than to write!

📄 The work manager generates a general report in 1 click.

✔️ I have all proof of work available, to attach to my worksheet

Olivier, works manager - "Thanks to Kraaft, I don't need to do any more archaeology on my teams' phones. I always keep a trace, and I am much more serene when it comes to invoicing. In addition, my client appreciates the clarity of my monthly reports".

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