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The #1 messaging app for contractors
Discuss easily in the field. And generate reports in one click back at the office. Free for up to 3 users.
+120,000 construction sites monitored
+120,000 construction sites monitored
Earthworks for a LIDL logistic platform
Road maintenance for a municipality
Contract for gas connections for GRDF
Pipe renewal of drinking water
Power lines undergrounding for Enedis
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A conversation for each job site
Send photos, vocal notes and documents on dedicated news feeds 
Time-stamped and geotagged photos
Place photos, forms (e.g., claims) and tasks on the map of your jobsite.
Exportable in reports
Automate your reporting with Word, Excel, Zip, and 100% customized workflows.
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+More than 300 customers place their trust in us
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Your apps all in one place
Connect Kraaft to your existing tools: SharePoint, Kizeo Forms, Google Drive, Word and Excel.
Trust the voice of field
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A team of 19 people who accompany you in the field, always with a smile! Discover our services.
An immediate financial impact
Better margins
Time and quality saving
New reporting service
Attract and retain talent
The favorite app of foremen
Finally something SIMPLE! "Kraaft is 1min to install and 2min to explain".
Reconcile the field and the office. 😌
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